Hammam treatments

Try our Hammam treatments:

Soap (foam) massage

This whole body massage is carried out using Ayurveda herbal soap, comprising 18 medicinal herb extracts and coconut oil, which soothes, refreshes and heals your skin. The light foam massage ensures muscle relaxation, improves blood circulation and metabolism.


Body peeling

An organic peeling mix is used to treat the whole body. This way, dead cells are removed, pores are cleaned and skin regeneration is stimulated. Your skin becomes softer and blood circulation improves. We offer the following body scrubs: Mon Platin or Birch buds.


Honey treatment

Honey is rich in vitamins and micro elements and is one of the most precious gifts of nature. It has been recommended as a remedy for a weak body for many years. When the body is covered with honey it relaxes, the skin becomes soft, velvety and all tension evaporates.


Essential oil treatment

This is harmonious combination of light hand tapping movements and healing aromatherapy which promotes relaxation and restores mental balance. It has been known since ancient times that essential oils help to regulate the body’s natural balance, strengthen the immune system, improve blood circulation, remove toxins and awaken body powers.


Body butter treatment

A remarkable body rejuvenation  procedure with special body butter. During this procedure your skin is nourished, softened, rejuvenated and your whole body relaxes. Body butter used contains vitamins: A, B2, B3, C and E, Dead Sea minerals, papaya and passion fruit essences that help to stop the ageing process. It is also enriched with natural antioxidants for improving skin elasticity and to stop it from drying.


Body wrapping (mask)

This treatment is recommended for the restoration and strengthening of the entire body. We use products made by the French company Darwin oceanics spa with an excellent antioxidant properties and with long-term effect. Sea grass and plant mix ensures deep cleansing and care, nourishes the skin and restores its natural balance., This treatment is beneficial for the skin, ensures complete relaxation and leaves a feeling of lightness.


Bath broom (venik) massage in an outdoor Banya (individual)

Bath broom (venik) massage is an integral part of the Banya culture and is beneficial for both body and soul. This procedure is carried out with birch and oak leafy branches in an outdoor Banya built from centuries old trees. It improves peripheral blood circulation and lymph distribution, and has a phytotherapeutical and relaxing effect. The body temperature is raised by using various bath broom (venik) massage techniques and also taking into consideration your overall health condition. A refreshing shower or a swim in the pool or a visit to the ice room are recommended afterwards. It is also very beneficial to spend 10-15 minutes relaxing and drinking something warm after this treatment.

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