TreatmentDuration, min
Price (VAT included)Eur
REGENERATING AND DETOXIFYING AMBER TREATMENT Facial skin preparation, a mask-scrub with amber powder and argan oil, wrap with a detoxifying serum, a facial massage, and a wrap with a regenerative detoxifying cream.4544.00
FIRMING AND DEEPLY MOISTURISING BANDAGING TREATMENT (KLAPP) Facial skin preparation, scrub, application of a special extended-release gel, lubrication with a preparation containing high and low molecular hyaluronic acid, face and neck bandaging with special bandages, lubrication with a final product on the bandages, acupressure massage, and a hand massage.6070.00
LIFTING AND REGENERATING TREATMENT WITH RETINOL (KLAPP) Facial skin preparation, fermented or refreshing scrub, wrap with an intensively lifting serum, a moisturising gel mask, facial massage, firming chin mask, under-eye mask, hand treatment, and ending the procedure with a lifting cream.7076.00
REJUVENATING AND LIFTING TREATMENT (PHYTOMER) Back massage and application of warm mud, facial skin preparation, enzyme or cream scrub, detoxifying mask, wrap with an anti-wrinkle and firming concentrate, facial massage, a regenerative alginate mask, hand massage, and ending the procedure with an age-fighting cream.8076.00
INTENSIVE LIFTING, REJUVENATING PROCEDURE (KLAPP) Facial skin preparation, fermented scrub, wrap with an age-fighting serum, a facial massage, firming mask, under-eye mask, hand treatment, and ending the procedure with an intensive moisturising and rejuvenating cream.7076.00

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