For guests/ Offers/ Attention! Aqua park will be closed.

Attention! Aqua park will be closed.

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Aqua park will be closed  26th  February until 6th March 2018.

During the period of 26th  February until 6th March, in order to compensate Aqua park for our guests they can choose one of the following treatments:

  • halotherapy (salt room);
  • inhalation therapy (with mineral water);
  • oxygen concentrator;
  • mineral Pearl bath;
  • curative shower (Circular shower or Sharko shower or Scottish (contrast) shower or Perinea shower);
  • contrast baths (Kneip’s  pools);
  • group curative gymnastics in the hall;
  • phytotherapy (herbal cocktail);
  • an introduction to nordic walking;
  • head massage (15 min.) (SPA home);
  • classical (therapeutic) massage (15 min.) (Health Centre).

Thank you for your understanding!

Treatments must be booked in advance: +370 313 51 200 or

Work Time

I - IV ...........9.00 - 17.00
V-VI ...........9.00 - 20.00
VII ..............9.00 - 16.00